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Ask me anything   my favourite memories, from the nights I barely remember with the friends I'll never forget...

Since I’ve been gone…

So I have been away for maybe a month and have much fun to share with all you tumblr/travel addicts out there. I have just spent 3 weeks travelling in the states going to L.A, Vegas, Miami and New York. It was in celebration of my 25th bday…I know I’m getting old! Honestly it was so much fun another thing to add to that bucket list that I’m always talking about. I will start posting pics for you to all be jealous over and share around because everyone needs to know how sick these places really are!!!

— 2 years ago
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Birthday dinner at Koi Planet Hollywood, amazing food!!

Birthday dinner at Koi Planet Hollywood, amazing food!!

— 2 years ago
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My sisters 22nd Bday @ Hugos, Kings Cross, amazing night!!

— 2 years ago
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drinks @ the argyle, the rocks, sydney.

drinks @ the argyle, the rocks, sydney.

— 2 years ago
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My 21st, 7 deadly sins - Although a long time ago now I love looking back on these pics it was such a fun night made better by the amount of effort my friends put into dressing up!

— 2 years ago
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Around the world themed 21st - USA, France, Japan

Around the world themed 21st - USA, France, Japan

— 2 years ago
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Look it’s the spice girls! Celebrity themed 21st

Look it’s the spice girls! Celebrity themed 21st

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Fancy Dress

I have been to so many fancy dress or themed parties over the years and there are some great ones out there some get over used but for good reason and some are so original. Picking a theme can be hard so I have come up with a list of the best, the most fun and the easiest, hopefully this will come in handy for anyone planning a party at the moment! I have also compiled some good group themes should you want to go in a group theme!

The best:

7 deadly sins: people dress as one of the 7 sins which are; pride, envy, sloth, gluttony, lust, wrath and greed great if you want a broad range of costumes and brings out the creative in people.

When I grow up: People dress as what they wanted to be when they were kids, great for a reunion or a 21st!

Not Another Teen Movie: People dress as a a high school stereotype.

Sexual Fantasy: (Not appropriate for children!!) This one really brings out the sicko in people but is hilarious with friends!

Rock Stars and Groupies: good if you want people to be similarly dressed but still gives guests freedom of a feminine or masculine option.

The Most Fun:

Rubix Cube: People come in random rubix cube colour and have to swap clothes throughout the night and try end the night in one colour! (Tip: wear op shop clothing!)

Christmas in July: Generally works best in july! Xmas is a fun time of year so it’s a fun and whacky theme to do in the middle of the year if you want something different!

Anything But Clothes: Self explanatory, you can wear anything just as long as its not clothing!

Fictional Characters/Storybook: These are pretty similar, you come as your favourite character couldbe animated or real life also fariytales and nursery rhymes. (many costumes available)

Around the world: It’s surprising how many people own traditional costumes from where them or their parents were born, people tend to put in a good amount of effort for this theme, works well if you want to have a mixture of types of foods.

Traffic Light: for those of you who haven’t heard of this you dress for you intentions on the night in other words, red - taken, yellow - not sure, green - available.

The Easiest:

Uniform: Everyone can get their hands on a uniform so if it’s last minute or your guests don’t like to put effort in this is perfect. This also goes for a sports theme.

Letter Themed: Usually the hosts initials are used but to make it more interesting you can reverse it so guests come as something using their own initials


1920’s is really classy so if your doing a sophisticated cocktail party it’s prefect, 1960’s or Mad Men is also a great theme if you want to avoid tacky costumes.

1950’s is great for a high tea or a girly party.

70’s and 80’s is fun and great if your going with live music because those outfits seem to make everyone want to get down on the dancefloor.

Other notable mentions are:

Spots and Stripes

James Bond

Country and Western/Hoe Down

Tropical/Hawaiian Luau

If any of you are like me and works for a big company that has offices all over the place, you have no doubt had to do group themes or department themes for xmas parties and such here a few ideas that have been tested out and work for big or small groups:

Buck Hunter




80’s Prom

Dead Celebrities

Bridal Party


Hope this has been helpful follow me for more ideas and examples of themes in action!

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Not another teen movie themed 21st

— 2 years ago
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C&S Letter themed 21st party

C&S Letter themed 21st party

— 2 years ago
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